Horse Transport Terms

It is the responsibility of the CUSTOMER at all times to maintain a policy of insurance in respect of injury to or death of the EQUINE for the duration of the transportation being undertaken by the CARRIER.

The CUSTOMER is liable to cover the cost of repairs to any damage caused by the EQUINE. The CUSTOMER has the opportunity to inspect the vehicle before loading and agree prior condition, as discussion will not be entered into subsequently. All other belongings at your own risk.

Please ensure the EQUINE has a passport, this should be available during the duration of the journey.

Your driver has driven professionally for many years with advance driving qualifications, experienced and qualified to offer a professional service.

All horses are handled in a quiet and calm manner, with their safety being our number one priority.
We allow for thirty minutes loading and this is included in our quote; however if it does take longer we are happy to continue after this time at our standard waiting rate (£10 per half hour or part hour) this maybe over and above your original quotation.

Whilst every precaution will be taken to insure a safe and comfortable journey, should your horse(s) become ill or very unsettled we reserve the right to contact the nearest vet for treatment or sedation if deemed necessary. You will be liable for any veterinary expenses and any delay incurred at £10.00 per half hour.

We are approved transporters for the RSPCA and the local Police, and Also offer emergency service, on rare occasions we maybe delayed in these capacities..we endeavour to keep you updated should this situation arise, however our priority has to lie with the safety of the Equine being assisted at that time…no liability for these delays can be claimed against and is a term of our booking.

The vehicle or vehicles shall be duly taxed and insured, shall be in a roadworthy condition and shall be suitably equipped for the safe and convenient carriage of the EQUINE. It is the CUSTOMER’S responsibility to ensure the vehicle is of a suitable specification for the job required.

We have on board CCTV and Full breakdown cover with equine relocation should it be necessary.
Fees – our minimum charge is £50 and a full quotation for service can be issued prior to travel, payment is due either prior to or on the day of travel, deposits maybe required.

Our priority is a Happy horse. It is the owners or representatives responsibility to make sure that they are ready and able to travel if at anytime we feel that the loading techniques or Equipment being used are not in the manner we are comfortable with whilst handling or loading we reserve the right to remove our services. A minimal call out charge may be payable.